Alvarenga Marques

Buy my Bananas (2017)

57,1x44,1 in ~ Pintura, Acrílico, Aerógrafo, Tinta, Foto Montagem

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Ironic portrait of a society of contrasts extremely unfair. A parallel is made between the soccer star in the media figure of Cristiano Ronaldo and the African child. The wealth and popularity of the former as opposed to the latter, an anonymous, poor child with only a ball of rags and one day dreams, too, of becoming a football star.
To unite them: the bananas! one of the riches of the island of Madeira that saw the birth of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the other, also, important sustenance of the black and poor child.
Excerpts from football reports can be read in this play: "Tell him that it was the" hand of God "... He indicates to the referee that God was putting it into play" they establish a link between football and religion by mixing customs and beliefs.

Painting, Acrylic on canvas.

Done on gallery wrapped canvas, with no need for framing, as the edges are painted, ready to hang.

I sign my paintings on the back, but I can sign them also on the front, at request. This painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

© 2019 Alvarenga Marques....

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