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Contemporary Art

The contemplation and appropriation of imagery lets me to create  visual stories, reports, or even inventing absurd tales.

 I like to think that environments can crate tensions and I can "force" unexpected narratives, sublimating the work's observation.

I broach the subject with a playful mood, and use scrawls to demarcate the territory that represents my imagination.'

Alvarenga Marques
Buy my Bananas  112x145 cm   Mixed nedia on canvas

Ironic portrait of a society of contrasts extremely unfair. A parallel is made between the soccer star in the media figure of Cristiano Ronaldo and the  African child .
The wealth and popularity of the former as opposed to the latter, an anonymous, poor child with only a rags ball and that one day dreams becoming a football star...

In this painting is represented by the priestess woman that holds magical powers, charms and spells the embodiment of a powerful and feminine spirit that raises devotion and reverence.
The serpent appears as a representation of wisdom, the divinity that makes flow vital energy, earth symbol evoking legends, such as the Hydra or other mythological narratives.
The tribal and enigmatic figure symbolizes feelings, free as the wind carries in his eyes a poem-code in construction.

Fetish   120x90 cm   Mixed media on canvas

A return to the territory of childhood memories and magic of Africa ... drumming sounds carry stories of witchcraft and spells.
Quotes are mentioned through a Jimmy Hendrix song "Do not be late, Cause I'm a voodoo child ..."

Voodoo Child   100x100 cm    Mixed media on canvas
Trip Report   110x110cm  Acrylic on canvas
Estrela do mar 20x20cm Mixed media on canvas
Oldest Times  100x100cm   Mixed media on canvas

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